The information in this section covers how to fight your charge. If you follow the specific instructions in this section without working through the steps above, you will lose at trial. Read this site thoroughly before proceeding!

Stop Sign Tickets

Charge: HTA 136
Set fine: $85 (community safety zone: $150)
Demerit points: 3
Insurance classification: minor conviction

How to Fight a Stop Sign Ticket

At first glance, fighting a stop sign ticket would seem really hard to do. The police officer will say you did not stop and you will say, "I did stop". His word against yours and you will lose. This is a no-win situation, so the only thing you can do is change the situation to one you can win!

You will have an uphill battle to fight a stop sign ticket and it will not be an easy fight. But you can win if you prepare well and make the correct arguments in court.

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