The information in this section covers how to fight your charge. If you follow the specific instructions in this section without working through the steps above, you will lose at trial. Read this site thoroughly before proceeding!

Parking Tickets

  • • No Parking
  • • No Stopping
  • • No Standing

  • • Fire Routes
  • • Loading Zones
  • • Parking Meters

  • • Pay and Display
  • • Limited Parking by Hours, Days, or Months


You can successfully fight a parking ticket but you have to do it in a smart way. Showing up in court and saying "I didn't see the sign" or "I was only parked for a minute" will get you convicted, quick!

What follows is the most comprehensive information you will find anywhere to fight a parking ticket. It also means there is a lot to read. Here is a quick summary of what you must do.

  • Ignore your parking ticket and wait to receive a notice in the mail.
  • Wait until the very last day to request a trial.
  • Consider requesting a trial and then plead guilty in court.
  • Research the charge especially all the by-laws that apply.
  • Always request disclosure and use the form on this site.
  • If your trial is scheduled more than a year later, apply for a stay.
  • Follow the parking ticket trial tips that are provided.

A detailed explanation of why you are doing all of these things and how to do them follows. You can win. This section will show you how.

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