I Don't Want To Go To Court

Still not convinced that Option 1, pleading guilty, is a terrible option? Don't believe that requesting a trial, Option 3, is the smartest thing you can do? Are you thinking "But I'm guilty; I was parked illegally; I was speeding; I didn't come to complete stop at the stop sign." Or perhaps you're thinking "I can't be bothered taking time off work to go to court; I don't know what to do; it looks very complicated."

This site is here to help you. It's here to help you win in court. So before you can go any further you have to clear you mind of all of these negative and completely inaccurate thoughts. Let's look at all the excuses that are going through your mind right now. The ones that are making you hesitate; the ones that are making you doubt yourself. (If you are already determined to fight your traffic ticket then please go to Step 2: Request a Trial.

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