How to complete the form

1To request a trial, you must file a form called "Notice of Intention to Appear". Write down your name, address, phone number and offence notice number (the number on your ticket).

2You must also complete the section that says "At trial I intend to challenge the evidence of the provincial offences officer..." In this section check the "yes" box. If you don't, the officer may not show up. You always want the officer to appear. If he doesn't show up, it's his fault and your ticket will be thrown out. If you checked "no" and he doesn't show up, it's your fault and you could be found guilty.

3Check the language you wish the trial to be held in and if you require a language interpreter. You have a right to an interpreter under section 14 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. While Toronto will be easily able to provide an interpreter for your trial, many other municipalities struggle with this. If there is no interpreter at your trial, the charge will likely be dismissed. While this right to an interpreter only applies if you are not fluent in either English or French, it is remarkable how many people "forget" how to speak either language in order to take advantage of this provision.

4Sign the form and hand it back to the clerk. She will stamp your ticket and hand it back to you. That's it. You're done. How easy is that?

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