Think Outside The Box

When examining the accident scene or the place where you got your ticket, most people think “This is what happened to me.” Think beyond that. Think “What happened here?” Don’t just look at it from your perspective, look at it from the witness’s perspective, look at it from the justice’s perspective. You are looking for something different or unusual to what you experienced.

For example, in Toronto along Bay St. there are no right turn signs for several blocks. Often, the police will wait around the corner and stop cars that have just completed a right turn. But from where they are standing, they cannot see around the corner to where the sign actually is because there are office towers on every corner blocking their view. A large truck could be parked in the curb lane blocking the no right turn sign but the cop would never know it from where they are standing. In other words, at the time when the ticket was issued, the cop cannot state that the sign was not obstructed. If you can’t see the sign, how would you know not to make a right turn?

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