Here is an example of all of this in action. You may remember the recent story of some Toronto undercover drug squad officers who were implicated in an alleged cocaine ring.[1] An RCMP task force conducted an $8 million investigation and laid charges for robbery, drug use, and corruption. The investigation created over 200,000 pages of evidence.

Guess who requested disclosure? The accused drug officers of course. The prosecutor and police didn't have enough resources to process the documents so they stalled for years.

The accused finally asked a judge to stop proceedings against them (stay the trial) on the grounds that they were not getting a fair trial because they were not getting complete disclosure and it was taking too long. The judge agreed. The police officers walked.

Guilt or innocence has very little to do with the outcome of justice. You haven't done anything nearly as bad as what the drug officers allegedly did. Don't be shy. Demand your rights! Let's meet your two new best friends, disclosure and stays, and examine in detail what you need to do.

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