There is one extremely important rule you must follow above all else: DON’T PISS THE JUSTICE OFF. Knowing the justice is just like you, means she is JUST LIKE YOU. They have good and bad days, they sum up a person is only a few seconds, and their patience is finite, just like yours.

To make sure everyone gets along, court behaviour is extremely polite and civil. If you conduct yourself with appropriate manners you will more likely stand out as someone who knows what they are doing and has confidence in their position. Doing so will guarantee the court will respect you back.

Some further rules to consider:

  • Stand when the justice enters or leaves the courtroom and bow to the justice when you are entering or leaving the courtroom.
  • Address the justice as "Your Worship".
  • Never interrupt the justice. Never. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with them or if they got something wrong. When they talk, you don’t.
  • Leave your attitude at the doorstep. Treat everyone like you would Mother Teresa. Be respectful.
  • The court is concerned with facts and arguments, not emotions. Emotions can run high, especially when a witness says something you know is completely false. You will dispel lies with facts and arguments, not by calling someone a liar.
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