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How to use this site

Descriptions of each step

How to search this site

Read what everyone is saying about Ticket Combat

Terms of Use

Understanding Your Ticket

Review your ticket options, what should you do

Demerit points and what they mean

Insurance implications of your ticket

Fines explained, how they are calculated and which ones apply

Fatal errors, what are they, how do you use it to your advantage

Sample Forms to Download and Use

Sample disclosure form you can use

Sample letter requesting the earliest possible trial date

Toronto prosecutor addresses, phone and fax numbers

Step 1

Step 1 introduction

You don't want to go to court

Avoid the pressure

You have nothing to lose

Insurance implications

You are more likely to get another ticket

The odds are in your favour

Making roads safer

You are not guilty

The cop won't show up

Step 2

Step 2 introduction

How to request a trial

The best time to go

You must follow-up with them

If you move between now and the trial date

If you need to change your trial date, here's what to do

Step 3

Step 3 introduction

Think outside the box

Look around, document the environment with different eyes

Weather is a factor

How were you charged

The Provincial Offences Act

Research the law you broke

Look for precedents

First attendance explained

Step 4

Step 4 introduction

Introduction to disclosures and stays

An example of how it works

Disclosure Section

How to request disclosure

What to ask for

What to do with what you get

Advanced disclosure techniques


Interviewing witnesses

Stay Section

How stays work, what rights can be violated

11b argument precedents

Understanding the 11b argument

11b applications - waiver of time periods

11b applications - length of delay

11b applications - reasons for the delay

11b applications – prejudice to the accused

Step 5

Step 5 introduction

Trial etiquette

What to expect when you go to court

Guilty pleas

The 4 parts of a trial

Part 1 Motions, Arraignments And Pleas

Preliminary motions

How to quash the trial

Exclude the witness(es)

Part 2 The Prosecution's Case

The police officer's notes

Voir Dire - what you said cannot be used against you

Rules of evidence


Motion of non-suit

Part 3 Your Defence

Trial defences you can use

The bilingual argument

Areas where the bilingual argument applies

All offences are categorized to 3 types

mens rea

Strict liability

Absolute liability

Most charges are strict liability offences

Part 4 The Trial is Ending

Review of the penalties that can be administered


How to Appeal


Parking Tickets

How to fight your parking ticket

Stop Signs

How to fight a stop sign ticket

Stop sign legislation

Examine the intersection where you were charged

How to delay the trial

The due diligence defence

A case study

Using the bilingual argument to fight your stop sign ticket

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